Lazy Sundays?

Sundays might be a day to kick back, relax and watch a game, but there is always an opportunity to be a part of our amazing community, at Congregation B'nai Israel. 

This morning I had the privilege of participating in our morning minyan.  There I saw at least a dozen people who came together to worship, to have a cup of coffee, to spend time together and support one another.  I heard lovely davening, and got to play with puppets with my little one.  (Thanks to our minyan entertainment donor.) 

Coming together to pray on weekdays (and Sundays) is a very different experience than Shabbat.  The rhythms of life are really felt in the daily prayer cycle. There is something very special about these opportunities. It is very difficult to describe in words, but the spirit of the room is a powerful one.  I feel the presence of God as much in these briefer, small crowd spaces as we do in the grandeur of Shabbat together. I hope that you will join us at our daily services!

I also got to meet with some of our young leaders and our incredible Director of Lifelong Learning, Maureen Sechan, who together are planning an amazing year.  The little one was a wee bit distracting, but I think a good time was had by all!

After a mostly successful Costco run later this morning, I'm looking forward to a quieter afternoon and then dinner with new friends!

There were others outside the camera range.